The Mindful Materialist was born out of a few things, the first being a want to share my writing and have some fun and the second to hopefully share my experience of being  both a spiritual wild woman and a ‘material girl living in a material world’ (thanks Madonna).

This project/blog, whatever you want to call it, aims to focus in on the juxtaposition of being a woman who enjoys the materialistic side of life along with the spiritual. Finding the wild woman within while still surfing the web for the latest trends and having a cupboard full of make up (no apologies).

The Mindful Materialist will take a look at how do we, as women, see ourselves and upon deep self reflection my question is why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t it be both? A little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper, the yin and yang of life. The Mastercard alongside the Rose Quartz, the yoga mat alongside the Zara bag, the VOGUE Magazine alongside the guided meditation.

Can I not enjoy elements of this modern life with mindfulness and spirituality to guide me and enable me to make smarter life choices?

I can live a deeper, more meaningful existence, without being restricted to only wearing a cheesecloth dress and Birkenstocks…

Stay tuned for regular content including interviews with women I find deeply inspiring, lots of mindful/spiritual elements including horoscopes, oracle card readings and opinion pieces; alongside a dash of the material including but not limited to my lists of what’s hot and what I’m currently crushing on.

I hope this blog is an enjoyable cuppa tea read; an insight into being a modern career woman and new mother in this fast paced world, but with a pull back to basics and that wild woman we all have within.

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