Time to get serious here and talk hormones! Those pesky, bloody hormones.

Mine are in full force around my moon cycle and while they always have been up and down, post baby they feel just that bit more intense.

Along with extreme fatigue and bursts of frustration (or anger…okay call it what you will) is the lovely breakouts!

My skin has been behaving like a hormonal teenager and I’m nearing the ripe old age of 32 (eekkk).

Something had to give! My diet is good, I exercise and I don’t drink (much), so I knew it was not something I was putting into my body, it had to be something hormonal, a real imbalance of my progesterone and estrogen.

I am really interested to look into Ayurvedic diets/cleanses eventually – i.e when I am not about to go back to work and have a 10month old child to also care for. However for the short term something needed to give, for my skin that is!

I usually opt for natural products where I can, but I needed something a little more ‘medical’ to target those pesky pimples on my chin and forehead, something that would really do the job, and to my great pleasure I found it!

Readers I would like to introduce you to Dermalogica’s Breakout Control!

Applying a pea sized amount to my face post cleanse has completely rid my skin of any unsightly breakouts.

Using it every second or third night when I’m outside of my moon cycle and then upping it to nightly use the week before I know my period is coming has made a huge difference.

It also works on breakouts that manage to come through, reducing them almost instantly to nothing!

This product has ‘changed my life’…okay maybe it’s not that drastic, but I feel confident not wearing make up again which for me is a big deal.

So if your dealing with hormonal breakouts I can not recommend this product enough.

Along with this product I also do my usual Black Chicken cleanse/moisturise routine and I use a scrub and mask once/twice a week!

Hello glow!!!

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