Floating Away

Let’s talk about floating, aka my most favourite form of relaxation.

I began floating about two years ago and to be honest I was a little nervous. Questions ran through my head; Would I feel claustrophobic? Would I get bored?

I wanted to enjoy it and boy did I ever…I think I started floating at a good time in my life, I was purposefully slowing down my mind and body, I was becoming a more conscious human being, I was meditating and I think I had a greater understanding of who I was and what I was wanting from life.

I was also trying…and failing…to fall pregnant so self care was of the upmost importance and finding ways to reduce stress and allow my mind to rest was vital to keep my state of mind positive.

The first float was with a friend, which I recommend if you are a little nervous. It was in a double room, with individual float pods (yeah that’s the official lingo). My floating pal is one of my most treasured friends so I felt very zen.

I lay back into the water, that is set at body temp to assists with the feeling of sensory deprivation. With ear plugs in I found I turned inward almost instantly.

There is usually music to guide you into relaxation for about 10min, before the pod falls into silence. All I could hear was the rhythmic beating of my heart, I felt my breath flowing in and out and a small smile crept across my face…this smile still creeps in each time I float.

Since then each float has varied, most often time passes and the 60 minutes feels more like 10. I try each time to fall into a deep meditative state, without thinking too deeply about it, just following my breathing and letting go.

I play with the movement in my limbs; after remaining still for a while moving them feels, at times, like you are moving nothing at all.

Sometimes when the music comes on that is supposed to pull you out of your relaxation, I don’t know if I have been asleep or in deep meditation. It’s a strange feeling ‘losing’ time.

The last time I floated, about a week ago, I attempted to hypnotise myself, imagining I was falling into space and that there was nothing below me. This was pretty different, a feeling I enjoyed.

Another thing I love about floating is the complete darkness and silence, something I have always enjoyed and needed.

When I was younger my room had to be completely dark and silent so I could sleep. My husband can attest, when we first got together he had to put his T-shirt over his alarm clock as I hated the red light, he was so proud of me when I finally could sleep with the blinds open, letting the soft street light to fall over our bed (his snoring however, is still not appreciated).  So when the lights go out in the pod, I feel completely at home, peaceful, centred and of quiet mind.

Another benefit of floating is of course the magnesium. The pod is full of magnesium (salt) water, ensuring it is impossible for anyone not to float to the top.

The magnesium is so good for your body, for increasing calcium, releasing anxiety, muscle recovery, improving blood sugar levels and for removing toxins.

With my bad lower back, which is made worse by lifting my baby daily, I find the weightlessness, completely neutral body alignment and magnesium so beneficial.

My location of choice to float is also just as important as the float itself. The space has to be conducive to relaxation and spirituality. A place that recognises the importance of the post float just as much as the float itself.

When you emerge from the float you need time to come back to earth, you feel connected to self and the universe so this is a great time to explore this and sit focusing inward before you float (pun intended) out into the real world.

Bliss Float, in Bulimba Brisbane is one of the best float studios I have experienced. Sister to Inna Bliss Yoga, of which I frequent, I knew this new venture would not disappoint.

The  float rooms and pods are beautiful, with organic hair and skin care for use post float, including a hair and refresh station when you come out into the foyer, before you head into the post float lounge.

Post float I head out to the relaxation lounge, which has a diffuser emitting a beautiful natural oil scent into the air, warm herbal tea and cool water for consumption (it is important to hydrate post float) and my most favourite element, oracle cards and crystals.

I usually spend about 20min there post float, channeling the universe, working with the oracle cards and reflecting on the float I just had.

My next float is already booked in and I can not wait to see what this experience will bring for my mind and body. For it is in the depths of our stillness we find answers.

Namaste x.o

Images of Bliss Float, Oxford St, Bulimba

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