Crushing on the finer things

Did I mention this blog would include a little bit of the spiritual and a little bit of material…well if you missed that memo, now you know.

I thought it time for a little bit of insight into something I am currently obsessed with, or as I prefer to call it, ‘crushing on’ (yeah I know, I am down with the cool kids lingo).

Lets talk jewellery!

I have always been so keenly interested in jewellery and the way people wear it. I remember when I was young, our family hairdresser had an arm full of silver bracelets and they would clink while she cut my bangs. I was mesmerised by these bangles and the sounds they made, something I have never forgotten.

I love hearing stories about how people came to collect certain pieces and I love the transformation of style and self expression that comes with accessorising.

I think the beauty of jewellery is there isn’t really a right or wrong, I mean yes trends come and go but there is something so much more personal about the pieces a person chooses to wear.

For me, there is something so simple and beautiful about a décolletage adorned with the tiniest of gold chains with a simple gold circle sitting gently on the skin.

At the moment I prefer to layer a couple of fine necklaces, gold is my current go to, along with fine gold earrings. I am also crushing on fine ear cuffs and rings.

Also, in case you didn’t know, I am officially declaring fine gold anklets in fashion. Mine came all the way from the UK as it was so hard to find any in Aust.

My current favourite jewellery brands that I wear daily are:

YCL Jewels – can I have one of every thing please. Next on my list are the ‘Mother hoops’

Her Armory – I live in my mini heart earrings and my gold ear cuff!

Sarah & Sebastian – this brand is pretty special and all hand made in Sydney, Aust. My husband purchased one of their stunningly fine ‘letter’ necklaces that has my son’s first initial on it, which I never take off. I also love that when you receive an order there is a card inside signed by the person who made the necklace, a really special touch amongst all of the fast fashion we are fed.

Karen Walker – Her rings are to die for and I wear my fine cat ring every day.

The refined details of their designs strike a personal note with their clientele, each of whom use their pieces as a sentimental form of self expression.
Sarah and Sebastian

A universal form of adornment, Jewellery has been worn by gods and man, since the beginning of time. As a symbol, a meaning maker or a protecter…it’s something pretty special.

1 thought on “Crushing on the finer things

  1. Yup to these fine things. I received a lot of jewellery as gifts when I was younger and noticed how much my tastes have changed. It has only been in the last few years that I started buying pieces for me! I love the H necklace of yours x

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