Black Chicken

I have two words for you, Black Chicken; well three actually, Black Chicken Remedies!

I am obsessed with this Australian owned and made natural skin care and essential oils brand.

Introduced to me a couple of years ago by a good friend when I was on the hunt for a natural deodorant, I fell deeply in love!

What I love about this brand is, as mentioned above, they are completely natural! Having wanted to go ah-la-natural for a while I was struggling to find products that didn’t have hidden nasties.

The brands philosophy is inspiring. With the first product made at a home in Bondi, in a small bowl with a Black Chicken on it. Informed by ancient remedies the products are both luxurious and they do the job.

Currently my face routine involves:

Cleanse My Face – this cleanser gets rid of my make up and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily post wash. Oh and did I mention it smells like heaven.

Complexion Polish – I use this mixed in with my oil cleanser twice a week. It’s rough (but not irritating) and leaves the skin feeling revitalised

ICU Intensive Care Eye Serum – is applied under my eyes nightly. Being a new mum let’s just say some days I’m bloody tired, but because of this serum no one really notices…right…

Love Your Face Serum – applied all over my face before bed. I actually don’t even need a moisturiser over the top as it’s so lush and hydrating.

I honestly think my skin has never felt or looked better (apart from those monthly breakouts – thanks hormones)!

And the best part…because it’s oil based, you need only the smallest amount, so the products really last!

I also use their beautiful range of essential oils but that post is for another time.

It’s a strange name I know, but it’s one hell of a product!

3 thoughts on “Black Chicken

  1. Great post love, I’m from Sydney too. Do they have a store?


  2. Not a physical store for just them, but I know Biome stock them. Also online Black Chicken and Biome x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok thanks.


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