Seriously who didn’t watch The Craft when they were growing up and want to become a practicing witch. I know I did.

I dabbled in spells, wore eyeliner and held seances. It felt empowering and powerful. But then life took over, I ‘grew up’.

Since having my baby however I have come to feel the presence of my witch woman again. Maybe the connection to life and the incredible gift we as women have been given that enables us to create life has reconnected me with my inner witch.

I stumbled across a wonderfully witch-y book by Lisa Lister ‘WITCH. UNLEASHED. UNTAMED. UNAPOLOGETIC’ and it is really speaking to me.

Lisa says, “Let me make this super clear: you don’t need to be a Wiccan or a Pagan to be a witch…All you need is a deeper sense of knowing who you are underneath all the noise, labels and societal messaging.”

I come from a line of spiritual people, my fathers grandmother read tea leaves and peoples fortunes and my father handed his tarot cards down to me (the only way to receive your first deck is to be gifted them). I have also been told often by mediums that I hold psychic powers and I often feel the presence of entities.

For women, well for many I know, the time is now and so many are harnessing their inner witch woman, finding the powerful goddess within, falling back into the arms of Mother Earth. And I am one of them.

I follow the moon cycles, create rituals, celebrate the seasons, howl to the moon and salute the stars. This is the new age witch and she is power!

“Now is the time. This is the hour, Ours is the magic Ours is the Power” The Craft

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