Self Care Station

Since having a baby it’s become really important for me to have some small self care rituals, when time allows.

More often than not these rituals have to take place once babe is asleep for the evening.

To make the ritual easy I’ve set up a small self care station on a shelf next to the bed, so I can sit and the lotions and potions can be applied before I literally fall backwards into what I hope is a deep sleep (uninterrupted, yeah right).

Some things I have at my self care are:

Perfect Potion Peppermint Cooling Foot and Leg Lotion

DoTERRA pulse point essential oil roll ons in Lavender, for the evening and Peppermint, to invigorate for the morning

DoTERRA fractionated coconut oil. This I use as a light moisturiser on my upper legs and arms, just to keep my skin feeling lux.

Along with these products it’s also important for me to have some crystals close while I sleep.

So at my station currently are the following:

Rose Quartz – for love

Smokey Quartz – to eliminate any anxiety

Clear Quartz – to promote clarity and calm and psychic abilities (enhancing my dreams)

Amethyst – to balance emotions and my chakras

Citrine – to spark inspiration and self-improvement

Enjoying this self care daily keeps me feeling smooth, grounded, cleansed and relaxed.

Inga x.o

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